The Etymology of the Toponym “Dorginarti” (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 6)The Etymology of the Toponym “Pourgoundi” (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 5)Albania Is the Future of Europe / In Search of the Nubian Master-Builders: An Architectural Drawing from the Faras Cathedral. Appendix: Prayer of a Young Woman / Give Me the Colors… And the Country: Albanian Propaganda in the 21st Century / Old Nubian Relative Clauses / The Disturbing Object of Philology / Remarks toward a Revised Grammar of Old Nubian / Çfarë mund të bëjë shteti me gjuhën? / By Any Language Necessary: Quentin Meillassoux and the Question Concerning Signification in Philosophy / “I was thinking sparrow Lena stick Lena cat into the mouth honey lip twirl-up wall clod of dirt scratch finger Ludwik bushes hangs hang mouth Lena alone there kettle cat stick fence road Ludwik priest wall cat stick sparrow cat Ludwik hangs stick hangs sparrow hangs Ludwik cat I’ll hang”: Or, How Gombrowicz exposed Philosophy’s Immaturity / Circulating Philosophy: A Note on Two Apparent Misquotations in Alain Badiou’s Logics of Worlds / The Missing Link / Monument for the Distribution of Wealth

Book Chapters

Postface / A Note on the Old Nubian Morpheme -a in Nominal and Verbal Predicates / Return to Reading / The Production of Hrönir: Albanian Socialist Realism and After / A Passion for Yes: Coming Out and Affirmation / “I Am Like the Unicorn”: Desiring Language


Going Postcard: The Letter(s) of Jacques DerridaCross-Examinations / Allegory of the Cave Painting / Workers Leaving the Studio. Looking Away from Socialist Realism. / Lapidari (3 vols) / Uninspired Architecture / Pedagogies of Disaster / continent. year 1 / The Miracle of Saint Mina – Gis Mīnan Nokkor / Follow Us or Die


Un an sans images – Poetry as Artistic Practice / Teatri i Gjelbërimit / Driton Selmani – Panorama / Workers leaving the studio. Looking away from socialist realism / Uninspired Architecture: Public Space and Public Memory in AlbaniaSu Iş / Piramida / Forty Years of Boredom 1968–2008 / Monument: A Liminal Sociography


Turni 3 / Takimet e KulturësNë kërkim të lapidarëve të komunizmit


New World Summit Utrecht. Day 2. Block 2: Self-Defense / The Illegality of Freedom / What Now? 2016: On Future IdentitiesArtists Organizations International. 4. Violence and Non-Violence / Heidegger’s Mom and the Joke of Democracy


The Plays of Cho Seung-Hui: Richard McBeef


Nachoem M. Wijnberg, The Jews / Hervé Guibert, De honden / Werner Hamacher, 95 stellingen over filologie / Avital Ronell, Autoriteit de macht ontnemen / Jeroen Mettes, Political Poetry: A Few Notes. Poetics for N30 / Jean Daive, Evenwichtsvertelling 2: ‘Sllt’ (selectie) / Dick Raaijmakers, The Destructive Character / Dick Raaijmakers, Method


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