“Ballsh Oil Refinery,” Chino-Albanian Architecture, 2015. Photo by Marco Mazzi.

Since 2010 I have written with increasing frequency about the political and cultural situation in Albania, as well as its relation with the EU and the process of EU integration.

My writings first appeared through a blog “The Unofficial View of Tirana” on continent(now defunct) and later on Berfrois. Most recently, my writing has appeared in English and Albanian on Exit.

A good starting point, somewhere in the middle, is “Albania Is the Future of Europe” and “Give Me the Colors… And the Country: Albanian Propaganda in the 21st Century.”


I have been specifically covering the involvement of the EU with Albania:

“Lapidar in Çerenec,” Albanian Lapidar Survey, 2014. Photo by Xheni Alushi.

Also several satirical articles were published under a pseudonym:

Older articles published by Berfrois.